If you can’t be a good example: Venezuela

West Hunter

then you’ll just have to serve as a horrible warning. Since people are attracted by stupid ideas like moths to a flame, it may be that leaving certain flaming piles of shit around for all to see would maximize global human welfare.  That’s rough on Venezuela, though.  There are probably countries that could do a better job of scaring sense into people: ideally a smaller but hard to ignore country,  one that can make the point without injuring so many people and tying up such large heavy-oil reserves.

North Korea has a lock on neutering the natural appeal of dynastic Juche-Stalinism.   Cuba does a fairly good job with white-bread Communism. But we obviously need more examples: we need a feminist homeland, with a constant flow of advocates making aliyah, to keep the population from collapsing.  Ideally with very few guys, just enough to open pickle jars and keep basic infrastructure…

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