How dare you – speaking truth to power

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I predict that the Greta Thunberg Meme „How dare you“ will accompany us at least through the next decade, if not more. The meme will persist, the accusations she hurled at everyone will certainly not. The reason is that the meme is truly funny in the sense that it so accurately represents the current outrage culture. It’s as funny as the village idiot in the middle of a medieval market who shouts “repent” on the top of his lungs. It’s also funny because it’s based on the perpetually reheated progressive narrative of “speaking truth to power”, which in the minds of progressives must work at all times, whereas it was historically the sole privilege of the court jester to do that, and everyone else who tried soon became acquainted with the gallows or guillotine. I mean, please, Greta as the court jester at the UN – every comedian worth his…

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